About me

In 2012, I went on a solotrip to Canada. Just me and my backpack. All the way from the Netherlands, which is where I’m originally from.

I had the time of my life… and in the last week I also met the love of my life: James! After a long distance relationship of 1 year we decided to go for it… and I moved to Canada!

This is 10 years ago now. Wow, time flies!

During the first few years in Canada I kept a blog to write about my experiences. The blog caught on. More and more people starting asking me for help writing their content and copy. The entrepreneur in me came to life!

In 2015 I started the Dutch branch of my company (Language Arts) and it’s been such an adventure! I’ve had the privilige of helping many companies and entrepreneurs, studied all things copy, and I’m still learning every day. I love the creativity, originality and flexibility of what I do.Β 

In January of 2023 I decided it was time to branch out into Canada too – KVT Solutions was born!

Ok, enough about business, more about the Kimberley behind the business below πŸ™ƒπŸ‘‡

Animal rescue plays a big role in my life. We have been able to save dozens of little lives and are super grateful for that. We are a fosterhome for Second Chance Animal Rescue Society and primarily take in dogs that are brought in severely injured. For example, the brown and white dog in the picture (Chubbs) had two broken legs and the brown one (Loki) lost his eye and broke his hip due being hit by a transport truck, before being rescued.

Working from home and having a flexible schedule allows me to devote my time and energy to making the world a better place for these precious animals (and the people that adopt them) πŸΎπŸ’™.

I also love Canada’s nature and wildlife, traveling in our 40 year old motorhome, reading, painting, building miniature dollhouses, gardening, and of course spending time with friends and family.