My Canadian husband and I form a writing and translation duo.
Because I am “native” Dutch and he is “native” Canadian, we can relay your message in Dutch and in English (or both). Since my move to Canada in 2013, my English has only improved. My husband (with whom I work closely) is a native English speaker. Born and raised in Canada, he has a keen eye for spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and general legibility. In addition, he has a creative and somewhat poetic slant that makes your English just a bit more beautiful and attractive. He reviews all projects together with me.

Yes, 100%! I was born and raised in the Netherlands and moved to Canada in 2013.

This all depends on the assignment. We are happy to fast track your assignment if it is urgent, depending on availability.

Take a look at my ‘rates’ page.

If you do not work together physically, clear communication is essential. Trello and Google Docs are handy tools that I like to use to maintain an overview and to work together efficiently remotely. For consultation, we can use Skype, Zoom, Facetime, BlueJeans, and so on: just from behind your own desk, sofa, or bed. No train or car is involved. Good for the environment (and your wallet).

This is a very personal choice. Many of my clients have done business with a translation agency in the past, but have not had good experiences with this. The service is fast, but attention, background knowledge, and depth are often lacking. As an independent translator I can make the connection with you that ensures that your message is really written in your tone and your way in English. For this, a good understanding of – and a feeling for – the context, the medium and the person behind the message are of course essential.