Outsource your copy

If creating copy and content just isn’t your thing, I’m happy to take over for you! 

We will determine your copy strategy and I will take it from there.

Experience peace of mind, knowing that your online visibility is taken care of so you can focus on what you do best!

Not sure what the best next step is for you? Let’s chat.

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Copy Menu

Website Copy

Introduces your brand’s/company’s essence, value proposition, peaks the visitor’s interest and encourages them to explore further.

Showcases your brand’s/company’s history, mission, and team to build trust and connection.

Highlights features, benefits, and reasons to choose your product or service. (1 service / 1 product included in page fee)

Copy designed to drive conversions for lead generation, sales, or other specific goals.

Clear and approachable language for contact information, directions, and any customer inquiries.

Comprehensive answers to common customer questions, providing clarity and reducing uncertainties. Max 4 questions & answers.

We always start with a strategizing session (interview, competitor research, brand voice): $599 


Keyword research: $999 (optional)

After this:

$349 per page 

Marketing Copy

Newsletters, funnels, invitations, follow-up, reminders, campaigns, launches, etc.

Concise and persuasive content for print materials that highlight key offerings.

Contact me for more info.

Content Creation

Well-researched and SEO-friendly articles that educate, entertain, and engage the target audience.

In-depth and authoritative pieces for industry publications or guest posts on relevant platforms.

Comprehensive and informative content that demonstrates expertise and provides value to readers.

Detailed narratives showcasing successful projects or customer experiences to build credibility.

We always start with a strategizing session: $499

& keyword research: $999

After this:

  • 500 – 800 words: $299
  • 800 – 1000 words: $349
  • 1000+ words: +$50 for every additional 100 words

Monthly Blog Plans available – includes a discount! (see below!)

Branding and Messaging

Establishing consistent tone, language, and style to maintain a cohesive brand identity among team members and in internal and external communication.

Brand voice workshop

Online: $299 (1 hour)

In-person (Edmonton): $399 (1 hour)

Crafting memorable and impactful taglines that encapsulate the brand essence.

Copy & Coffee to start ($399) + $749 for 5 options to choose from

Crafting clear and inspiring statements that communicate the brand’s purpose and aspirations.

Copy & Coffee to start ($399) + $949 for 5 options to choose from, max 250 words each

Editing and Proofreading

Reviewing and enhancing existing content for clarity, coherence, and consistency.

  • $150 / hour

Marketing Copy

Ensuring accuracy in grammar, punctuation, and spelling for error-free content.

  • $150 / hour

Monthly plans

Contact me to put together the perfect copy & content plan for your business. 


Monthly SEO blog: $349 per month*

Bi-weekly SEO blog: $599 per month*

Weekly SEO blog: $999 per month*

* Min. 1 calendar year commitment