Catchy copy and concept in English and Dutch. Get up on the international stage. Let us help you reach your ideal client with copy that convinces.


Translation is not just about changing one language into another – it is about translating your message in the tone that you intended when you wrote it in its original language.

If you have already written your content in English or Dutch and you would like a second and third set of eyes – we offer language checks that ensure 100% accuracy.


We help you write content in a way that makes it a) easy to read, b) rank high in Google and c) valuable to the reader.

We start by performing keyword research and developing a content strategy. We will help you on your way and we will offer you the tools for you to get started with SEO yourself!

Online Education Development

I believe online education is the way of the future. In my career, I have developed online courses for adult learners in both Canada and the Netherlands. With a variety of subjects, ranging from “Challenging Health Conditions” for an Educational Assistant program at Northern Lights College in British Columbia, to a course about Human Resources as part of a Dutch Bachelor’s degree (NCOI). I am familiar with digital teaching technologies (Moodle, Blackboard, D2L) and online course design and delivery. I am passionate about Universal Design for Learning and creating exciting courses in online environments.

Universal Design for Learning

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